Bactrak KYE

Bactrak KYE Project

Bactrak KYE Background Verification Tool used for Background Screening of a candidate. Background verification is a process of verifying employment history, criminal records, financial records and other related records of an individual. Background verification can take a lot of time up to 2 months depending on the number of checks. Bactrak needed a highly secured, robust, flexible web application with the fastest turn around time possible.

Our Solution:

We have developed a reliable and secure PHP Web Application that reduced turn around time up to 60% by automating most of their process. With KYE, an organization can request the candidate to fill in the online form and submit. Later the checks are conducted to confirm the information provided by the candidate. The results of these checks are entered into the tool for comparison. After comparing the results with the candidate’s information, the PDF report is generated and sent to the employer. This tool supports 10 types of background checks including employment check, education check, residence check, criminal check, credit check, and drug test.


  • 12 different types of Users with different dashboards and privileges
  • Different test cycles handled based on user roles.
  • Multiple PDF report formats based on user roles, employer and phases of the test cycle


Types of Tests(or Checks):

  • Employment Check
  • Education Check
  • Reference Check
  • Residence Check
  • Court Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Drug Test
  • Database Check
  • CIBIL Verification
  • Social Media Check

User Roles

  • Site Admin
  • Client
  • Candidate
  • Manager
  • Team Member
  • Validation Team

Site Admin Area

  • Dashboard
  • Client List – List of clients with edit, disable and renew options
  • Employees List – List of all employees with add new, edit, delete options
  • Vendor List
  • Reports – case and client reports
  • Other Settings

Client Admin Area

  • List of candidates – Client can edit the information, track the progress or stop the verification
  • Online Forms – Client can fill in the online form or he/she can invite the candidate to fill the form.
  • Reports – The client can track the candidate’s verification progress and download the PDF report at any time.

Manager Area

  • Once the online form filling is completed, the candidate’s data appears in the Manager dashboard for the initial QC. The manager can forward the case or ask the candidate to fill the form again in case the provided data is insufficient.

Team Member Area

  • The case is automatically assigned to the respective team member depending on the type of checks.
  • The team member verifies employment history, education details, and financial data. Result of the verification is uploaded to the web application along with the relevant documents.

Validation Area

  • The validation team generates the PDF report and checks the data entered by the verification team.
  • The entire case can be sent back to the team member for further verification or forwarded to the client.

Business Benefits

The outcome of this project was a flexible, secure and robust web application with a new architecture. The most important feature of this project is the ability to create run-time reports, handle various test cycles and users. We were also able to achieve a significant reduction in turn around time.


Type: PHP Web Application
Staff: 1 Dedicated Team Lead, 3 Developers, 1 Designer, 1 QA
Duration: 4 months