RAMT Project

RAMT Project

This portal is a complete project management software. It is used for task, bug and enhancement tracking, managing clients and projects, also for project time tracking. Before this, the company used Jira and Getharvest for project management and time tracking. But it required a lot of manual work when doing time calculations and reporting. Also, the company required custom filters to download reports, track assignments based on clients, projects, assignee, and reporter. Rapidmind Team Management Software is crafted with modern technologies that provide speed, optimization, and performance.


When we were doing this our team faced the following challenges

  • Different user types with different dashboard, options, and privileges
  • Kanban board with task drag and drop feature and board filters
  • Integration and customization of different third party modules

Our Solution:

The idea behind this project is to reduce manual work, and download the report seamlessly. It also provides user-friendly environment for the team to manage and track clients, projects and tasks.


  • ReactJS
  • JSX and ES6
  • Express.js (Web framework of Node.js)
  • HTML
  • MySQL


Site Admin Area:

  • Dashboard – Track all member’s tasks
  • Manage Clients (Create/View/Edit/Archive)
  • Manage Project categories (Create/View/Edit/Delete)
  • Manage Projects (Create/View/Edit/Archive) – Site admin can see all the projects in the organization
  • Manage Users (Add/View/Revoke)
  • Check Reports – View and download Report, and filters let you drill down the data in a variety of ways. Site admin can view data of all clients and projects
  • Check Time Reports of projects and tasks

Member Area

  • Dashboard – displays member’s notifications and tasks. It also displays currently tracked task.
  • Projects – Displays only projects assigned to the member
  • Filters – allows the member to search and filter the tasks

Project Admin/Project Member:

Site admin or member can be a project admin or project member. Along with the above-mentioned features he can see the following screens.

  • Project Board – Shows Kanban board with assignee, status and parent filters. Admin/member can easily move the tasks with drag and drop feature. It allows plenty of other operations such as cloning and deleting of tasks, adding a task to parent, changing assignee, modifying title and descriptions, attaching documents and adding comments. Member can start tracking the task with task-time-tracker. It also provides a detailed log of tasks.
  • List – Shows all the project tasks in a list with filters.
  • Notes – Create/Delete Project Notes
  • Parent Issues – Create/Delete/View Parent issues. This feature allows the member to group tasks.
  • Project Settings(Visible only to Admin) – Displays list of project members and admins with add and revoke options.


Type: ReactJS application
Staff: Dedicated team of 1 Lead, 2 Developers, 1 Designer, 1 QA
Duration: 2.5 months