Regis Invoicing App

Regis Invoicing App

Regis app is an Invoicing application developed in ReactJS by Rapidmind Technologies. It is a simplified invoicing app that covers creating and sending invoices and also recording the payments. Users can easily track payments, resend invoices and download monthly reports.


  • Dashboard – Displays the latest Invoices and Payments Received with graphs
  • Items – Shows invoice items. Users can add/edit/delete items.
  • Customers– Shows customers list. Users can view invoices, estimates, and payments related to the customer.
  • Estimates – Shows list of Estimates. Users can create/edit/delete estimates. Estimates can be easily downloaded in PDF and also converted to invoice.
  • Invoices – Shows invoices list with filters. It has the following features.

Create Invoice

Edit Invoice

Download Invoice (PDF)

Mark Invoice as VOID

Mail Invoice

Record Payment for the Invoice

  • Payment Received – All Received payments of the invoices will show up here. Users can download and send payment receipts.
  • Reports – Display reports and allows users to download the reports in excel. Users can download invoices and receipts between a date range. It also displays Tax payable and receivable.
  • Tax slabs – Add/Edit/Delete Tax slabs
  • Settings – Edit Company Name, Address, Logo and Tax information.

The outcome of this project was fast, flexible and userfriendly Invoicing ReactJS Application. Anyone with very little knowledge of accounting can easily create and send invoices and receive payments.

Regis application source code is available in Github. Click here to view complete code.


Type: ReactJS Application
Staff: 2 Developer, 1 Lead, 1 QA
Duration: 1.5 months