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Top 5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Marketing Efforts Pay Off

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Marketing Efforts Pay Off

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is one of the latest and most trending marketing techniques. Considering that most of the communication between the advertisers and consumers is carried out through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, marketers believe that mobile marketing will make a boom in the near future.
Mobile marketing offers numerous opportunities to boost your online business. You can find various mobile marketing channels that fit your budget. It is also very important to define the target market for your mobile campaign because those clients might not be the same people as your desktop visitors.

Mobile Searches

When creating a mobile website, it is important not to have as much text as on the desktop version of the site because people who search on mobiles tend to read less. So remember that in this case, less is more.
What’s more, mobile users don’t have that much patience, so try to reduce your loading time to the minimum. Design and usability are extremely important here, as well as the size and transparency of the buttons.

Mobile Ads and Push Notifications

Traditional ad banners are not welcomed either on mobile or desktop devices. They are thought to be strenuous, fake, and loaded with viruses and other harmful software.
That said, it’s much better to use push notifications instead. They drive 9.6 times more users to make a purchase, just because they are not aggressive and they don’t look fake. That’s why so many people have more trust in viewing content coming from push notifications.
What’s more, once they visit a website by clicking a push notification, they are more willing to make a purchase.

QR Code Marketing

QR codes can be found on billboards, magazines, web pages, and any other marketing material, and we can scan them by using mobile devices. They are quite handy as people get to the desired website in a blink of an eye.
A QR code can lead a customer directly to a sign-up or any other website page. It shortens the time people spend on finding and loading your site. Just make sure that your URL matches the code.

SMS Marketing

Around 79% of mobile users rely on SMS mobile marketing. They believe that the information they get via SMS will assist them while making a purchase. It is also a good idea to send discount coupons via SMS because people are very likely to click on the link when they see the “Discount“ message.

Email Marketing

Don’t forget to reach out to your existing and potential clients through emails. According to Litmus, 1.2 billion emails were opened in 2014, half of which on a mobile device. We are positive that the number has increased since 2014.
That said, you can rely on email to send your prospects newsletters, promotions, etc.

Bottom Line

This is the digital, modern era, and most of the things are done on mobile devices. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Look for all the possible mobile marketing ideas and find ones that suit you the best!

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