New Age Website Design Trends for 2023

The online web is constantly evolving. Website designs, in particular, have to adapt to keep up with changing user behavior and advancing technology. Website designers are always searching for new ways to captivate the attention of users and keep them engaged on their websites. In this blog post, we explore the emerging website design trends that are expected to dominate the industry in 2023.

Creative Typography – Making a Statement with Fonts

We can see the typography used in the above example of Apple Website

Typography has always been an essential part of website design, but in 2023, we expect to see designers push the boundaries by using innovative typography to make a creative statement. Designers can leverage variable fonts, animated typography, and even mix different font styles to create visually stunning typography. This trend won't just be about using unique fonts but will be about creating engaging visual hierarchy to keep users engaged and interested.

Complex Gradients – They Make Designs Visually More Engaging.

We can see the complex gradient used in the above example of Spotify Loud and Clear

Gradients have been a trend for a while now, but 2023 will see their evolution into complex gradients. Designers will use gradients to create 3D effects and visually appealing designs that capture user attention. It's not just about choosing a gradient color; designers will also be working on perfecting the gradient layering technique, allowing for beautiful color transitions that lead to visually stunning designs.

Glassmorphism – Eye-Catching and User-Friendly Designs

We can see glassmorphism used in the above example on T.ricks website.

Transparent elements, bright contrastive outlines, and blurring techniques characterize Glassmorphism – a design trend that creates transparency illusions. It's a design trend borrowed from 'Neumorphism' and has become a favorite among designers for its aesthetically pleasing look that is also user-friendly. The design concept creates an illusion of gloss layered on top of a luminous object, which can be incorporated on any website to upgrade the user experience.

Narrative Visualization – Story-Driven Design Approach

We can see the story driven design approach used by one of our client Navgati.

In a world where anything goes, the importance of creating a website that resonates with its users cannot be overstated. The narrative visualization trend, which connects the user to the content, will be a big hit in 2023. Designers are set to weave together images, text, and graphics to help tell a story and guide users through the website, resulting in a more engaging and immersive experience.

Dark Mode – Easier to Read Light Text on a Dark Background

We can see Dark mode being used in Masterclass, a famous online learning platform.

Dark mode is not a new trend, but rather a trend that has been steadily growing in popularity. Dark mode reduces the strain on the user's eyes by providing a lower contrast and reducing the amount of blue light emitted from screens. In 2023, we expect to see more websites incorporate this feature to enhance user experience and make it easier for them to read and interact on their website.

Nostalgia – Classic Color Schemes, Fonts, and Imagery that Connect Customers to the Past

We can see the Nostalgia design approach being used by IGN , for the famous Mario Game.

Nostalgia marketing is on the rise, as designers try to evoke feelings of nostalgia in their website designs. The idea is to attract users with the familiar colors, classic fonts, and imagery that they remember from the past. Website designers will use this trend to create a sense of familiarity with the user, effectively and successfully connecting with them on an emotional level.


The future of website design is exciting, with emerging trends promising to create engaging and immersive user experiences. From creative typography to complex gradients, we can expect to see stunning and visually appealing designs that draw users in and keep them engaged. It's an exciting time to be a website designer, and we can't wait to see where these emerging trends take us in 2023. Contact us to know more about our website development services.

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